ALLS (African Life Liberty Scheme) is a grassroots long-term developmental and empowerment plan or strategy built on the contemporary reality of the workings of money; cash-flow. It is an established fact that cash (currency) flows, especially after taking the bills off the gold standard in 1971 by President Nixon making what we have today currency and no longer money. Currency (current) can only appreciate in value and be useful when it flows, thus savings becomes foolhardy and investment becomes very wise because any currency that is not flowing (circulating, cash-flow) is only depreciating all the time.

Africa is a continent, plagued with lots of problems like high levels of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, crimes and other social vices, also poor infrastructural amenities, bad governance, terrorism, human trafficking to mention but a few. We strongly doubt if the problems and challenges in our dear continent Africa can be counted at the moment but depending on your perspective, top on the list of the problems is high level of poverty and illiteracy. Hundreds of millions of our people are living beneath the poverty line and do not have access to most basic of human needs like food, clothing and shelter. Millions of African children are out of school and constantly dying of easily curable and preventable diseases.

The problems and challenges in Africa are as clear as day for everyone to see, so we won’t dwell on the problems as everyone already knows these. The ultimate QUESTION is, has blames and complains ever solved problems? The answer is surely on the negative. Thus, why do we always complain and blame again and again? While it is true that the governments could be better but what are we doing individually? Are the governments our only hope for salvation? Are the Americans, Europeans, World Bank, IMF and the EU our only hope for salvation? Is everything in our surroundings so worthless and useless that we can never look within for solutions? If we have looked up to these bodies above for these countless years and are still the way we were or even worse, is it not foolish to keep doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result?

Looking within; our position is that our solution is within and among us (Africans) but we have negligently and ignorantly failed to take advantage of these assets. Our population is one of our biggest assets if not the biggest. Thus ALLS (African Life Liberty Scheme) is a long term plan built to systematically transform the entire continent of Africa leveraging on our large population and cash-flow financial intelligence without looking up to other bodies or people to help us because the truth is that they also have their people to cater for and they can never put us ahead of their own people. This is a plan that will eventually eradicate poverty in Africa, empowering millions of people, providing millions of employment opportunities, providing basic infrastructural amenities, uniting Africans, providing thousands of schools and access to quality education and ultimately turning Africa to the light and never the ‘’dark’’ continent of the world. It must be a team work. We must believe. It always seems impossible until it is done.

Thus what is this so-called acclaimed solution and how does it work? The so-called solution is ALLS (African Life Liberty Scheme) registered in Nigeria with CAC RC 1413151, established in June 2017 by a team of dynamic minds. Thus ALLS is a systematic structure built to enhance a cash-flow to the poor and less privileged. In this scheme, the money is circulated among the people by paying to a particular person a certain amount of money from time to time, turn by turn based on first come first served as a form of an online cooperative society network. Hence, this way, money is raised continually for a lifetime seamlessly for the poor as a form of empowerment to buy food, and take care of other basic needs and gradually get out of poverty. We wish to have every less privileged person in Africa enrolled in the ALLS scheme alongside every other African especially the middle-class to circulate cash among ourselves.

Thus the way the programme works is that, every member registers with the sum of 10,000 naira. At the point of registration, the money is split into three, 2,500 naira to a member in level one whose turn it is to get empowered, 5,000 naira to a member in level two whose turn it is to get empowered and the last 2,500 naira is the real registration fee. This means that when a person is registered, he gets 15,000 naira in level one and 85,000 naira in level two making a total of 100,000 in one cycle and the process repeats itself all the time because once you get the 85000 you pay another 10,000 from the money and repeat the cycle, thus it keeps recycling. The breakdown is that, when it’s the member’s turn in level one he/she gets 2,500 naira from six members and in level two; 5,000 naira from seventeen members, thus with a onetime 10,000 naira, you will be getting paid for life WITHOUT REFERRALS.

How do we get the less privileged to benefit from this scheme? We register them free of charge and they are still entitled to all the benefits. We have registered over 80 and empowered about 25 less privileged persons including beggars, visually impaired students, widows etc in our five months of existence so far. The videos and pictures are on our various social media handles on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter with a single username @allslimited and you can call, text or whatsapp 09090081227. But generally more than 100 members have received different levels of empowerment so far. Our goal is to register every poor and less privileged person especially the physically challenged in our scheme free of charge to ensure that they are empowered continually for the rest of their lives and help to gradually get them out of poverty through cash-flow.

Thus registering with ALLS is not only to make some money for yourself for life, you are helping ALLS achieve our dream of eradicating poverty and illiteracy in Africa. We have set the immediate target of getting 25 million Africans out of poverty and sending 2 million African children to school by 2022. You can help us achieve this dream by registering the poor ones in your area in ALLS visit www.allslimited.com/register If you are rich and don’t need the occasional 100,000 naira, there are millions of people around you that need it, register them or donate to ALLS www.allslimited.com to register more people and help them get out poverty and gradually eradicate poverty in Africa.

Similarly, once any person is registered with ALLS he or she is entitled to a 100% of his or her empowerment in times of emergence like sickness or death even before it gets to his or her turn. So in this regard ALLS serves as insurance against emergences. We can assure you that every person registered, will get empowered, once it gets to his or her turn. It is strictly programmed to be based on first come first served and is not manipulated in any way. However, we cannot fix any specific duration rather we give an estimate; it all depends on the flow of registrations and recycling. Besides, its members paying themselves, we are neither paying nor receiving any money, we only created the platform for its operations. However our members that have been empowered so far were all within 12 weeks or less, thus our estimate is a maximum of 15 weeks.

Aside from the financial empowerment scheme, we are also doing free skills acquisition and support/sponsorship of good business ideas for our members. It is our long term goal to build the best of schools, housing units and hospitals in the world which will be for our members (every ALLSite) at a subsidized rate. In order to raise money to achieve our dreams, aside from some of our corporate facilitators and private supporters, we also invest in various businesses to further create jobs for our members because only our members work in all our business establishments or at least 99% of employees are our members.

Finally, we appeal to you to please support our vision by registering with ALLS on www.allslimited.com, sponsor the less privileged in your area to register or donate to us to do the same on our website. Even if you don’t have money to sponsor a less privileged person that really needs empowerment in your area, you can also contact us, we will bear the cost of the registration. For more info, visit www.allslimited.com, call, text or Whatsapp 09090081227, 07082307411. Email; info@allslimited.com. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram; @allslimited.

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