• Is alls a registered company? Yes it’s registered with CAC with the incorporation number RC 1413151
  • When was alls founded? Alls was officially registered with CAC with the incorporation date of 12th of May 2017.
  • Is alls a get rich quick scheme? No, the payment you get is only an incentive which takes a process; the aim is strictly for empowerment.
  • Must I refer people before I get financial empowerment? No, it’s based on first come first serve. Although you are encourage to introduce as many people as possible.
  • What’s the main aim of alls? To eradicate poverty and illiteracy in Africa.
  • Is alls all over Africa? Yes it’s our goal to be in every country in Africa by 2020.
  • When will I get the empowerment benefits if I joined? There’s no fixed time, it’s based on our sponsors, registrations and our other sources of income.
  • How do I access other services and schemes by alls like free skills acquisition, schools, hospitals etc? By registering and being a member of alls.
  • Can I have multiple accounts in alls? No, it’s a single account for every individual, however, corporate bodies are also allowed to create accounts like churches, schools etc.
  • Can I sponsor someone to register? Yes, it’s highly recommended to sponsor as many of the less privileged as possible. Alls is also sponsoring a large number of people as a way of empowering them.
  • Is alls a wonder bank or an investment company? No, it’s simply for empowerment and the 10,000 naira paid by our members is strictly a registration membership fee to become our member and enjoy all our empowerment benefits.
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