We aspire to make Africa the leading continent on the planet earth through exploitation of human resource, humanitarian and empowerment schemes, while completely eradicating poverty and illiteracy on the continent.


Delivering the best of humanitarian services in Africa, financially and socio-economically and creating the best platforms to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in Africa.


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You will agree with us that the most underdeveloped continent in the world is Africa with the highest level of poverty, diseases, illiteracy, poor infrastructural amenities and lowest standard of living.

But the ultimate question is, can this deplorable situation be remedied? We believe the answer to that question is A BIG YES!!!

We are used to complaining of our leaders being so corrupt and selfish and had underdeveloped and impoverished us, but my dear, for how long will you complain? Be the solution and not the problem.

We are here to contribute what we believe is a solution to most of Africa’s problems and compliment the efforts of the various governments in Africa and the AU.

The solution is ALLS: African Life Liberty Scheme Limited. This is an innovative empowerment company registered with the federal government of Nigeria through Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the registration number RC 1413151.

Our major mission and vision is to eradicate poverty and illiteracy in Africa, through empowerment programmes and schemes like free skills acquisition, and support in the construction and maintenance of basic infrastructural amenities like schools, hospitals, housing and generally raising the standard of living of Africans who are members of our community.

We have set the goal of getting 25 million Africans out of poverty in 5 years and helping 2 million children get quality education by 2022. Support and join alls which is a team of dynamic young African minds now, so that we can achieve these set objectives together and make Africa great again.

We raise fund by soliciting for support and funds from top firms and philanthropic individuals across the continent/world. Although some will not want their identities made public but some of our supporters, facilitators and sponsors include DT City Schools, Success Insight, E-Link Computers. We also invest in empowerment businesses through which we ultimately empower Africans by creating jobs and also generating funds. We also generate funds from the registration fees paid by our members.

When you register with alls with the sum of 10,000 naira, you will become our member and are entitled to all our empowerment benefits; financially (getting paid some money from time to time), Vocational Skills (Free Skills Acquisition), Academically (You have access to our schools and schools we partner with) Housing (You’ve access to our real estate investment), Employment opportunities among others.

We are equally sponsoring some people who may not be able to afford the scheme to join free of charge and still get all the benefits to improve their lives and get them out of poverty like some of our brothers and sisters who are physically challenged and beggars etc. We encourage you to equally help our mission/vision by sponsoring as many people as possible.

Alls is not a get rich quick organization. We believe in gradually transforming Africa. If you are not interested in being our member but just want to help us achieve our noble goals, you can also contact us. We are equally still looking for more sponsors and partners; interested corporate and private bodies are encouraged to also contact alls.

The best time to register is now, the earlier the better because it’s on first come, first serve basis. Visit www.allslimited.com today to register and become a member of the community and join us in moving Africa forward. For more info call +2349090081227 or +2347082307411. Email: info@allslimited.com. Facebook: @allslimited Instagram: @allslimited Twitter: @allslimited

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